I’m a fairly nostalgic person to begin with, which may be why I enjoy New Year’s Eve as a holiday. Looking back on this semester is a particularly weird thought experiment because December 2014 marks the half-way point of my law school career. That is truly mind-boggling for so many reasons.

First of all, I feel like law school has flown by. People say that all the time, but I’ve never felt like an experience was going by so quickly. I vividly remember my first day of classes as a 1L, my first cold call, my first exam, and that weird feeling of uncertainty that always comes with doing something new. For me, that feeling persisted throughout my first semester. In my head, all of those things just happened. In reality, I’m heading into my fourth semester of law school. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I would trade a non-essential limb to have law school go by faster, like when I’m in the library for 12 consecutive hours or when my roommate finds me asleep on top of my casebook at 9 pm. But I also know that this experience is unique, and I do feel a little anxious when I think about it being over so soon.

Another surprising thing about the halfway point of law school, to me at least, is how close I am to my law school friends. I’ve been friends with the same general group of people since the very beginning of 1L, but this semester really tested the strength of our friendship. People say this all the time too, but 2L really is a whole different beast. We’re all balancing more obligations than any sane person really should – journals, classes, moot court, job interviews, etc. – and the stress definitely shows. But one of the great discoveries about this semester has been that we, as a group, are more prone to comforting each other than to having those useless “my-life-is-harder-than-yours” discussions that seem to crop up from time to time. Someone is always around to talk you off of a cliff, to reassure you that you will, in fact, get a job, or to listen to you complain about x class or assignment. Having a reliable set of law school friends who make you laugh is critical to life as a law student, because they’re really the only ones who understand what your life is like on a daily basis.

Finally, the first half of law school has helped me to understand some of the areas I need to do better on during the second half. Fitness and eating well are the two things I’ve kind of failed at. In college, I was a four-times-a-week gym person, and I have definitely slacked off since I got to Boston. I mean, I still go, of course. But it’s not nearly as often. I make too many excuses about my workload and the weather, and I reward myself for doing schoolwork by watching television or relaxing. I also don’t cook as much as I used to – again, I cite the lack of time and money I have as the primary reasons. I’m not saying that I’ll go the gym for an hour every single day and serve myself a gourmet meal each night, but I can definitely spend a little less time watching Netflix and a little more time on a treadmill.

It might be the most cliché New Year’s resolution of all time, but I am going to try to get back to eating and exercising like I did in college. Law school is a valid excuse for being too busy to do certain things, but it’s not a good excuse for leading a less healthy lifestyle.

Here’s to 2015!

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