Ski Trip 2015

BU Law does an annual ski trip to Sugarloaf. I don’t ski and after living in the Northeast for 18 years, I’m not the biggest advocate of snow so I clearly wasn’t planning on attending. However, I learned that a good amount of people attending the ski trip also didn’t ski and were just planning on going in order to get away for the weekend and relax in the cozy cabins at Sugarloaf. I ended up deciding to go on the ski trip two days before the trip—well after the deadline (which was several months ago) to sign up. One of my friends had lost a person in his cabin and offered me the spot. I didn’t know anyone else in the cabin so I was a little apprehensive about committing to go. However, I did know that a trip to Maine away from the library for a weekend sounded appealing.


I ended up having a great time with the other people (also 1L’s but in a different section than my friend and I) in our cabin. After the weekend, we all drove back to Boston together and continued to learn about our various travels, interests in the law, and personal backgrounds. I returned to my apartment in Boston having expanded my law-family…as well as having acquired several battle wounds (another story for another blog).  It’s amazing how BU Law is a relatively small school yet I am continually meeting interesting and inspiring people well into second semester.

Shout out to one of my cabin-mates for the picture

The student government association puts on various events throughout the year—one of them being ski trip—as well as a weekly bar review at various bars throughout Boston. All the events always prove to be a great way to meet upperclassmen as well as other 1L’s outside of my assigned section. At BU, there’s always an opportunity to branch out and expand your network within the law school community.

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