Final Class Roundup

You wouldn’t have known it to see me sitting in the Associate Director of Student Affairs‘s office the other week, but in undergraduate I was nothing short of a magician at class scheduling. I had Excel spreadsheets for all eight semesters, color coding for general education requirements and each of my four academic tracks (double major double minor), italicized alternates depending on which study abroad option ended up panning out. I only tell you this because I want you to feel the full magnitude of the horror I felt at being paralyzed with indecision over the last academic courses I would ever take. I returned from winter break with literally only three credits set in stone:  Contract Drafting, because I’d heard the instructor was phenomenal and because I’d promised to take it with a friend who would kill me if I dropped it and stranded her alone.

Everything else was in flux. Would this practical skills course be more valuable that this seminar that was relevant but theoretical? Can I possibly earn a decent grade in this course all of my friends were taking pass/fail? Can I handle that many night classes? Am I getting in enough bar courses?  Madness and chaos. Our incredible Associate Director Jill Collins helped me hash out the pros and cons of my available options, which isn’t strictly speaking her job but which she graciously has been tremendously helpful with on more than one occasion.

What I ended up with was three credits of the above mentioned Contract Drafting, three credits for a Privacy Law seminar that my friends who’d taken in semesters past raved about, three credits for a seminar/workshop on Effective and Ethical Depositions, and four credits for Employment Law Discrimination. Unfortunately I’m barely in a position to tell you how it is going so far because thanks to Snowpocalypse ’15, some of my classes haven’t met for weeks. There is literally more snow on the ground than I am tall. The administration is struggling valiantly to make up for all the lost time with everything from extended classes to recorded or interactive online lectures to classes on President’s Day (Meaning that Monday will be a Tuesday schedule and Tuesday will be a Monday schedule… just roll with it).

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