Thinking Local

With all of the snow we’ve had in Boston recently, small businesses have had a rough go of it. People haven’t gone out shopping as much lately. They’ve been eating out less. Businesses have had to close for days. Valentine’s Day reservations were cancelled. In fact, this week was declared Valentine’s Week by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in order to encourage people to support their local shops and restaurants. Mayor Marty Walsh has encouraged Bostonians to do the same. Small businesses are special, and the historic amount of snow we’ve received is highlighting that fact.

Schools have been just as affected by the snow. With more snow days than I’ve ever seen before, class schedules have had to shift back and forth. The law school had to rearrange events it had planned. This impacts students and teachers along with the staff that are responsible for keeping things running.

Most of these issues stem from the lack of public transportation available as a result of the snow. The MBTA has shut down several of its routes over the course of these snowstorms, making it more difficult to go to school, the store, or a restaurant. I am thankful that I live within walking distance of the law school, but I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for those who don’t.

Things are returning to normal now both academically and economically. Make-up classes have been scheduled and businesses are open once again. Still, these storms have set us all back in some way. Catching up on class takes time, but the losses suffered by local businesses may be felt for much longer. That’s why we should all do what we can to support the small businesses in our community. I think I’ll be eating out tonight. How about you?

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