Law School Fitness Part II

Last semester I wrote a post about how important it was for me to maintain a fit lifestyle in order to stay sane in law school—and how awesome it was to be surrounded by so many people who had similar lifestyles. As someone who counts every almond in order to get an accurate count into his Fitbit log, I’ve found that having nutrition and fitness related goals has been a healthy and needed distraction in order to keep me disciplined and focused while I’m studying. However, staying disciplined and motivated this semester has been much more challenging than last semester. As a morning person, I really appreciated having my first class at 11am on most days (and at 2pm on Wednesdays) last semester because I could workout and get a substantial amount of work done before my first class. This semester I have class earlier everyday compared to last semester so my mornings only include a restricted workout (if I can fit it in) before my first class. By the time I’m done with classes, I have very little energy left to get work done so I’ve had to give up my morning gym time a few days a week in order to get work done before class in the morning. However, with finals around the corner, I’ve become more determined to stick with a strict bedtime so I can wake up as early as possible and take as much advantage of my morning energy.

"1L of a Team"

“1L of a Team” (minus my running-buddy who was unfortunately too sick to run)

Last semester, I also wrote about how happy I was to be surrounded by so many people who had similar goals and priorities with regard to nutrition and personal fitness. This weekend was the annual BU Law 5K Ambulance Chase Run. We received an email from my brilliant civil procedure professor challenging all the 1L’s to participate in the run earlier in the semester. Students could register as individuals or register as a team. I decided to make a team—confidently named“1L of a team”—which included a stellar group of classmates, including Miss Black Massachusetts USA 2015! The first year section with the most students to actually attend the run would be given a pizza party. I received some insight that my section (Section A!) had the most students registered but we won’t know the results until next week when they calculate who actually showed up to run. I should also note that it was cold and snowy during the run but there was still a great turnout despite Boston weather–which is definately a testament to the culture of BU Law. As I said last semester, I’m really happy to be surrounded on a daily basis by so many people who also value staying healthy as a way to mitigate the demanding nature of law school.

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