1L in 1Word

I asked fifty people in my first year section to describe either their experiences as a 1L or the culture at BU Law in one word. I wanted to offer a reflection of this year from someone other than just myself so that others can see the range of perspectives from an entire 1L section (or the majority of a 1L section). I’ve been privileged this year to share my first year education with former French professors, snowboard instructors, engineers, and everything in between. In a classroom filled with languages ranging from Russian to Korean to varying dialects of Spanish and fellow colleagues coming from everywhere in between Puerto Rico, Seoul, New York, and Miami, my experiences as a 1L have been enriched by the many backgrounds of all my classmates. In a community of students who came straight through from undergrad like myself to students who taught English abroad in Europe for a year to others who worked on political campaigns or in legal environments, it’s incredible how much I’ve learned about and from the group of students who sit in Room 211 five days a week.

Law school can certainly be a harrowing experience at times but the great thing I’ve experienced this year is that everyone is really trying to get through it together. I can sincerely say that I’ve enjoyed waking up every day (well, most days) to come to the Redstone building and engage with my classmates and continue to learn about everyone’s unique interests and hobbies outside of the law. The 68 seats in my first year section are filled with runners, chefs, ballerinas, symphony-enthusiast, ASL song-interpreters and the list could go on for much longer than I currently have time to write. The interesting and unique thing about 1L year is that it puts a group of competitive, high-achieving adults in a very high-school-like day-to-day structure. Law School, like a lot of things in life, is largely what you make of it and while asking fifty people to comment on their experience may seem like a fair amount, I should also note that there’s two other first year sections who are not represented (largely because finals are in about two weeks and so asking another hundred students will have to happen some other time).

The Dean’s words from orientation have resonated with me this entire year and as I approach my final weeks as a 1L (I should note that my hands are shaking as I type that last phrase while simultaneously  staring at a semester of Property notes), I confidently stand by my initial statement that Boston University School of Law is an exceptional place to be a law student and I am honored and truly proud to be a part of such a community. So attached is Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.20.10 PMa wide range of words my awesome section-mates would use to describe their experience this past year or the culture at BU Law.

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