In Defense of Spring

This is going to sound crazy (and I can attest to that based on the looks I get every time I verbalize this thought aloud to someone who lives here), but I kind of love the weather in Boston.


Not too shabby for a city that was buried in snow a month ago.

Don’t get me wrong: I complained as much as (more than, if we’re being honest) the average person during Snowpocalypse 2015. But let’s not generalize here: that was, after all, the snowiest winter in the history of the city. In general, I really do love snow and winter and all of the things that go along with that.

But I also love the spring in Boston. It’s not particularly warm, that’s true, but it’s warm enough to actually go outside in a light jacket or maybe even a dress! It’s warm enough to melt the final snow piles. It’s warm enough to study in the sun or open a window.  Trust me, after a four-month winter, a couple of 55-degree days in a row feels like absolute heaven.


Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s with my friends! This was a few weeks ago, and it was definitely warm enough for ice cream.


I also love spring because it symbolizes the end of another year. The April crunch – when finals, Notes, papers, course selection, taxes, and financial aid stuff all form a seemingly endless to-do list – is vastly improved by a little sun. Although I really have spent the vast majority of my life these past few weeks buried in books, I managed to enjoy a few fun, outdoors events!

Red Sox games are a must! You can't beat $9 student tickets.

Red Sox games are a must! You can’t beat $9 student tickets.

Wachusett Blueberry is my official beer at the BU Pub!

Wachusett Blueberry is my official beer at the BU Pub!

This is kind of a recurring theme in my posts, but I’ll say it again: Should I have spontaneously gone to that Red Sox games a few weekends ago when I had so much outlining to do? Obviously, rationally, no. But the only way to stay sane in law school is to find the time – somehow – to have fun and clear your head. And I just couldn’t let the beautiful April weather go to waste.

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