This year, I am lucky enough to serve as one of the Co-Presidents of the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA) at BU 12039574_827059110744575_5967990248426522424_nLaw. This Tuesday we have our third big event in three weeks. Much of my time thus far as a 2L has been entirely consumed with my responsibilities as one of LALSA’s Co-Presidents.

LALSA’s first event was a Cultural Meet & Greet in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. We invited several attorneys from firms and public interest organizations throughout Boston for a Dominican dinner and networking event. We were thrilled with the high 12043070_827059680744518_6263622378133399905_nattendance of 1L’s who had the opportunity to learn about diverse practice areas while speaking with diverse Boston attorneys. The event was centered on a three course dinner where students rotated tables for each course so that they could meet as many attorneys as possible.

Our second event was a panel of five attorneys who spoke on the differences betwee12039442_829658607151292_4852101494151351004_nn litigation and transactional work. It’s odd thinking about the event as a 2L because the differences seem so obvious that it’s hard to understand why you would need a panel to explain the differences. However, I remember as a 1L not even knowing what either of those words really meant—let alone that a field of “transactional law” even existed. We were also thrilled by the attendance of 1L’s at this event and by how enthusiastic they all were in asking the attorneys questions.

This week, in continuation of our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are hosting our third event, The Judicial Experience, where we have invited two federal judges to speak12065778_829658417151311_5631812812034945477_n on their journeys to becoming members of the bench and the difficulties they may have faced in their careers. Thus far, being Co-President of LALSA has made 2L year an entirely different experience from 1L year and I think I’m still trying to adjust and navigate my life as a 2L.

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