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As exams quickly approach, it can be easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of case law and outlines. It is important, however, to remember to do things for yourself and to find things that keep you sane during this rigorous and grueling journey through law school. If you play hockey, like I do, join a league or play on a club team at BU; if you like art, make time to paint or draw or go to a museum. You also don’t know what making time for yourself may lead to.

Looking back on my 1L year, I remember feeling like law school was taking over my life. I felt as if I was losing sense of myself. I decided to adopt a puppy, which may not have been the best idea during my first year of law school, but he was, and still is, the greatest distraction and stress-reliever. While the training tuition and veterinary bills quickly added up, Caine is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only has he taught me what unconditional love is, he has also taught me so much about myself and shown me what I am truly passionate about.

Caine and I on Halloween 2014

Caine and I on Halloween 2014

After rescuing Caine (or he rescued me, I should say), I became obsessed with animal rescue and animal rights. I became a huge advocate, educating my friends and family on the importance of animal rescue and protecting animals. I also began educating myself on other issues involving animals such as orca captivity (such as at SeaWorld). During my second year of law school, I decided that I wanted to make a bigger impact and do something more to help, so I took a risk and wrote a children’s book about the importance of animal rescue. I had the book illustrated and was planning on self-publishing the book and donating some of the sales to a rescue organization, but I was contacted by a publishing company called Green Bamboo Publishing.  Green Bamboo Publishing published the book and part of the sale will be donated to the Northeast Animal Shelter.  It can be purchased at

My passion for animals has also opened doors for me in the legal realm. This fall, I am interning with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which is something I never thought I would do before starting law school and adopting Caine.  So even though you may feel overwhelmed with classes and studying, make sure to do things for yourself. You really don’t know what it might lead to.

"Caine and Mabel" cover

“Caine and Mabel” can be purchased at

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