On Gratitude

It’s a clear, crisp Sunday morning, and I’m on a bus headed back to Boston. I spent Thanksgiving weekend taking a break from the law, reconnecting with friends and wandering around NYC. This trip was a welcome respite from outlines, case books, and the heightened anxiety that permeates the Redstone Building this time of year. Most of all, I was thankful for the opportunity to step back and reflect on my first semester as a 1L.

My experience at BU Law has been wholly positive and even joyful, if one can characterize law school as such. I love learning about the systems that govern our daily lives and interactions. One thing is for certain, I will never view a contract the same way again. I now spot potential torts at every turn. I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for the significance of a lawsuit going to trial rather than settling. The intellectual rigor is a fun challenge that I have embraced with pleasure.

Beyond engaging academics, it has been the students, faculty, and administration that have made my experience truly great. While 1L horror stories abound in law school lore, I’ve experienced none of the fabled ultra-competitiveness that is the hallmark of these tales. My section is wonderfully collegial and welcoming. When I fell ill and had to miss school for a week, my inbox was flooded with offers of class notes and case briefs. Professors arranged for extra hours to help me catch up. And on my first day back, I was presented with a get-well card signed by my entire section.

We’ve also cultivated strong friendships outside the walls of Room 211. From trivia nights and apple picking to school socials and club activities, this semester has provided ample opportunities to develop rich relationships with classmates, students from other sections, and upper classmen. Before leaving for NYC, I dined with old friends and new at a bountiful Thanksgiving feast hosted by the Native American Law Students’ Association (NALSA).NALSA ThanksgivingBelkin_Group Photo1

As Boston rises around me, I realize how rejuvenating this this Thanksgiving jaunt has been. Taking a step back, it’s abundantly clear that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. The journey hasn’t been easy. Law school is incredibly demanding and has pushed me, at various points, to my intellectual, emotional, and physical limits. But the reward is well worth the trials that have popped up along the way. If there’s one thing that my experience has reinforced, it’s my belief that one can persevere if backed by a solid fellowship. I’ve found my fellowship at BU, and for that I’m immensely grateful.


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