If you’re like me, the title of this post probably got you a little bit excited. I love post-its—big post-its, small post-its, round post-its, square post-its, all post-its—I don’t discriminate. Law school, as everyone knows, can be quite stressful and so I read about a way to mitigate the stress and to remain positive toward the end of my 1L year—and it involves post-its! As it turns out, post-its do actually equal happiness.

When I arrived to my room in Miami for my post-1L employment, I unpacked my post-its from my suitcase. I then put the dates that I would be in Miami, from May 28 to July 24, at the top of each post-it note. I then put all fifty-eight post-its on the wall in rows of seven, making a calendar of post-its! At the end of every day, when I would come home or right before I would go to bed, I would take that day’s post-it down and write one positive thing that happened to me that day. I wrote down anything from “I didn’t get run over by a Miami driver” to “I helped an unaccompanied minor gain legal status.”

This post-it calendar worked well for me for several reasons. I can sometimes spend too much time thinking of all the things that can go wrong in a day so making sure I was finding at least one positive thing everyday (which isn’t too difficult when you’re in Miami) made me have a more positive perspective on life in general. Also, being a visual person, removing a post-it each day made me visualize how quickly my time in Miami was going and motivated me to make sure I was squeezing as much as I could from each day I was there. Lastly, at the end of the summer I had fifty-eight sentences detailing all the great things that happened to me during my ten weeks in Miami. When I left to drive back to New York at the end of my ten weeks, I re-read all the post-its in my Virgina hotel room after my first day of driving. I was surprised at how much I had done and accomplished in those ten weeks.

Many people develop their own ways to remain positive and deal with law school stress. For me, it’s primarily done at the gym. However, as I write this post, I’m actually surprised I didn’t continue to use this post-it method this fall semester considering how stressful it’s been.

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Brynn posted on December 8, 2015 at 2:16 am

Rio, your post-it note calendar is ingenious! I am definitely going to implement this creative idea when I’m back in WA next summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

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