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One thing about studying several hours a day is that you really build up an appetite. I continuously make the rookie mistake of not meal prepping so many of my meals (during finals especially) were ordered online or prepared for me by my lovely friends. Although my wallet suffered, I now have a wealth of knowledge on some of the places to grab a quick bite to eat in the Allston/law school area.

Le’s Vietnamese Cuisine

Located on Brighton Avenue in Allston, this was my go-to spot after spending several hours studying. I opted for the large bowl of Pho which definitely hit the spot. It was not too pricey and I will definitely be returning.

Super 88-Phoviet’s

SO MANY OPTIONS. I love pho. Noodles are my stress food so I went to Phoviets which is located next to Lollicup, and ordered pho with well done brisket and rare steak. It was delicious and cheap. I like Le’s a little bit more but Phoviet’s is definitely worth trying. There are also other amazing options in Super 88- give me time, I will eventually try them all.

Noodle St.

If you want to stay close to campus, this restaurant is only a short seven-minute walk, or a quick T ride.  I have gone for both lunch and dinner and both times I left feeling very full and satisfied. If you are short for time I would not recommend eating inside. My friends and I spent about an hour there but it provided a great break from studying. My order is usually the Tom Yum soup. It is tart and tangy with a little bit of spice.

Amelia’s Taqueria

Located in Allston, this was my go-to location to order online from for late nights. I usually ordered online from Grubhub and received my order within 30 minutes. All of the delivery people were really nice and the tacos are delicious.


I LOVE this place. My friends and I went after our Contracts final last semester. It was a mini celebration for a job well done.  I enjoyed some of their soy garlic wings and my friend ordered a special sushi roll. We both left very happy!

The Avenue

This will one day be “my spot.” My friend and I studied here for a few hours one day while we enjoyed a beer. I very much enjoyed their 50 cent wings on Tuesday, their $2 burgers on Monday, and $2 tacos on Wednesday. The Avenue provides quick service and usually has a great playlist featuring popular songs ranging from the ‘90s to today.

Honorable Mentions:

Nud Pob

This is right across the street from the law school. Call ahead and your order will be ready within 15 minutes. I only ordered here when I was desperately in need of sustenance and the GSU was closed.

Jimmy Johns

You can order online, and they deliver to the law school. My friend had an interesting fiasco with her delivery person, but I am hoping that was the exception and not the norm. I love the bread. I always get the Totally Tuna with hot peppers—yum.


Also across the street from the law school. Before my last final in the Fall, there were about 5 other 1Ls  getting breakfast and drinking coffee. I would order The Awakening with a small iced coffee.

George Sherman Union- Cafe

The cafe only accepts cash or money on your Terrier card. When I just needed something quick, I usually took a quick sushi roll to go. This is probably the best quick, easy, and convenient option.

George Sherman Union- City Convenience

If you bring your own travel mug, your coffee is only $1.07. I usually went here when the line for Starbucks was too long.

I have so many more places to recommend, but these were my “quick and easy” locations especially for during finals time. Hopefully this proves to be useful for a hungry law student one day. Happy eating!

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