The End of an Era

Two days ago, I finished law school. As I’ve said before, I’ve spent my last semester of BU Law studying abroad at Oxford University. Because of the trimester term system used here, I’m actually done. When my last tutorial ended, it didn’t feel real. I had actually just finished law school. No more case briefs, cold calls, late-night frantic reading sessions brought about by overworking and mild procrastination–no more issue-spotting final exams! Ok, so the Bar is still ahead of me, but I’m ignoring that for now.

Law school is hard. Anybody who disagrees is either a super genius destined to rule the world, or a liar. Law school is designed to be challenging and hyper-competitive every step of the way. Sometimes, it feels like every time I overcame one hurdle, a new one appeared before me–because it did. Law school is an uphill battle.

The decision to attend law school is not one that should be taken lightly. A legal education is a huge investment in your future and you should think long and hard about whether or not it’s the right path for you.

Being on the other side of that mountain, I want to be frank about my experiences. Law school has made me angry. Law school has made me cry. Law school has put me in debt. Law school has made me question everything I’ve been working toward. More than once, I wanted to drop out and seriously considered that option. More than once, I cursed my past self for ever thinking law school was a good idea.

Other times, though, the study of law made me feel incredibly accomplished. I really cared about what I was reading. I had opinions about the laws I was reading and I was anxious to start working in real-world law. Nothing I’ve studied before law school ever made me feel that. Before law school, job fairs sounded awful. I wanted to keep taking classes just because the idea of getting a job (for forever??) in anything I was studying sounded like a slow and painful torture. Sure, some subjects could be cool for a bit, but for a career? Nope!

Now, I feel sure. I’m excited for work. The idea of being in my job indefinitely and moving up through the ranks is really encouraging, not daunting. I also feel ready. I no longer feel like I’m flailing around, looking for solid ground on which to stand. Mostly, today, I feel proud. I feel like I really accomplished something in studying law. I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before and I came out on the other side to tell the tale.

What I’m trying to say is that law school isn’t for everyone–for a number of reasons–and that is ok. If it is for you, be prepared for a difficult adventure and make sure to keep your sights set on the future. Being done is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and I can’t wait for what comes next.

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