One piece of advice that I always tell 1L’s is to always make time for yourself despite the mountain of work always waiting for you in law school. Everyone has their own hobbies and passions that they bring with them prior to law school and I always recommend continuing to do the things that make you happy even while in law school. It can be very easy to get lost in the chaos and stress of law school-especially as a 1L—which is why maintaining personal health is especially important. As a 1L, I always made time to go to the gym and get my eight hours of sleep (even during finals) and everything worked out just fine.

This semester, I’ve decided to begin playing tennis every week. BU has a large amount of athletic facilities, including a climbing rock, squash and racquetball courts, a boathouse for sailing on the Charles, and much more. FitRec offers four indoor tennis courts that students can reserve on the weekends. This semester, I’ve been playing (learning to play) every Sunday night and it’s become a fun hobby to look forward to each week. Our last day to play is this coming Sunday after which the courts will close for the holidays. I’m excited to continue next semester and hopefully reach past the beginners level.

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