Going to Prison

This semester I am taking Restorative Justice. It’s an interesting class because it is taught at the School of Theology. The class has both graduate “theologians” as well as law students. I believe (although I could be wrong) that it is the only class on the list of courses the law school offers that is for both law students and theology students. I take the class Mondays from 6:30-9:15 pm, right after my Privacy class from 4:20-6:20. The class is taught across from the Law Complex in the School of Theology so I’m usually rushing to get my seat in time (depending on how late our Privacy professor keeps us).  The class is interesting because it allows us law students to hear from members of another discipline on how they perceive us as lawyers. 

Last week, as part of the Restorative Justice class, we took a class trip to MCI-Norfolk, a medium-level security prison in Massachusetts. We all carpooled and were at the prison for about three hours. The experience fit well with the course as we were able to hear from various inmates that have been through the restorative justice process at MCI Norfolk, a trail-blazer in this field. The experience was quite eye-opening and offered a concrete example of what we were learning in class. Moreover, I felt the experience was enlightening because it proved that alternatives to the conventional criminal justice system can work in certain situations. 


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