Taking Advantage of the CDO

I think that I touched on this in a previous post about what I learned from my first semester here at BU, but I thought I’d go into a little bit more detail about the resources that I have taken advantage of so far from the Career Development Office (CDO).

My undergraduate institution was incredible in countless ways, but one thing that it did not offer was comprehensive advising services. This was good in one way because it helped to foster a sense of independence and self-reliance in organizing my undergraduate studies, but it left me more in the dark than I would have preferred regarding my education.

Last semester, we were required to have a preliminary CDO appointment with our advisor and advising group, which consisted of a few fellow students. Afterward, however, I made a one-on-one appointment with my advisor, which I would highly recommend. It gives you a chance to be a little bit more candid about your goals, interests, and aspirations. Since then, I have made two more appointments with my advisor both during the Fall and Spring Semesters. I think it’s helpful to check in and to get questions answered as they arise, especially after gaining exposure to different fields within law from alumni events.

The day after finals ended last semester, I made an appointment for a mock interview to get prepared for interviews that I had lined up for winter break. I made an appointment with an alternate advisor who I am not assigned to because it worked best for my schedule, and I would also encourage doing to gain more perspective and to keep building up a support network within the CDO. The mock interview was just what I needed to quell my nerves before my interviews, and I am so grateful for having taken the time and initiative to make this happen.

My last major piece of CDO-related advice does not have to do with making a face-to-face appointment per se, but to checking your CDO weekly emails. Full disclosure: I was in such a daze last semester that I rarely read these emails in their entirety, and now that I’ve been lifted out of the fog of the Fall semester, I regularly (and thoroughly) read these emails! They are filled with upcoming events as well as job opportunities, and I regret not reading them more fully sooner.

So those are just some tips that I have from my experience thus far with the CDO. This team provides support and encouragement in the law school setting, which can be known for just the opposite qualities. Maybe it’s because of my undergrad experience, but I was blown away at the advisors’ willingness to lend a helping hand along this law school journey thus far. I have already learned so much from taking advantage of just some of the CDO’s resources, and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

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