Warm Weather Activities in Boston

Now that it is FINALLY starting to heat up in Boston, I’m itching to spend a lot more time outside and thaw out from winter. I know this semester’s finals will be a bit harder on the soul, as outside will be beckoning much more attractively than the 20 degree wind did in December. There’s a lot of things I really enjoy doing in Boston when the weather starts to get nice, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites tailored to life at BU Law.

Red Sox Games

I’m a born and raised third generation Red Sox fan, whose family line survived stints living in Hawaii, New Mexico, Korea, and dreaded New York to remain die-hard supporters of those lovable boys in white and red. I grew up going to Sox games, and it’s something I still love to do. Even if you don’t like the Red Sox, or baseball at all, Fenway is undeniably part of Boston’s heart and soul, and it’s impossible to not love the historic ball park. I urge everyone to go to at least one game while they’re here at BU. The atmosphere, passion, and joy that emanates from Yawkey way with each inning is something truly special. Grab $10 student standing-room tickets and take a study break. Get a Fenway Frank and ice cream in the most adorable bowls shaped like Red Sox batter’s helmets. Sing at the top of your lungs to Sweet Caroline (if you don’t, I’ll be wildly disappointed). And take in one the best experiences that makes Boston, Boston.

Lunch on BU Beach

This is a tradition that my section-mates and I started in the fall, and I’m so eager to start it up again. We found that McCausland commons gets exceedingly busy around lunchtime and finding a table for your group gets challenging. It’s so refreshing and enriching to eat lunch outside on BU Beach under the sun. There’s plenty of space to sit on the grass, the walkways, a bench, or the steps to Marsh Plaza. Moreover, it’s important to just get outside and away from the law tower, even if it’s just a few feet. Doing this on your lunch break is the best balance- you’re not dwindling away any study time, and it’ll re-charge you when you do go back to hit the books in the library. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll see dogs playing Frisbee and being walked by their owners!

Take a walk and explore

Boston has a lot of beautiful character that is embodied differently in each section of the city. It’s no secret that Newbury street, the Public Garden, and Boston Common / Beacon Hill are gorgeous. What’s less known, though, are the hidden gems of the city. In the fall I had to take some trips to Kenmore from the law tower and I walked along Baystate road for all of them. I was blown away with how beautiful the BU Brownstones were and the character flowing from each building. Moreover, I explored Coolidge Corner a bit in the fall and loved walking down the side streets and backroads. The old houses and tree-lined streets are an architecture-lovers dream. Exploring doesn’t mean taking a 40 minute trek into Beacon Hill; it can mean a ten-minute study break down Baystate Road along the Charles or a trip to grab ice cream down at J.P. Licks. It’ll fuel you with a bit more inspiration to push through that final bit of studying before summer!

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