How Far You’ve Come, and How Far You Will Go

April 30th, 2017, and I’m sitting at the (almost) end of my second year of law school. Honestly, I’m not really sure where all that time has gone, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because wondering how time passes so quickly one of the biggest cliches there is. In any case, realizing that I’m coming up fast on my last year of law school has put me in an introspective mood, and I can’t help but think back over these last two years and notice a huge difference.

When I think about it, I’m a different person now than I was when I started. Now, it isn’t lost on me that I came to law school straight out of undergrad, and that I’m on the younger end of the age spectrum here. It’s very normal that I would change and develop while I’m in law school. I do think it is important, though, to take the time to recognize and identify those types of developments. Of course, some of that growth has been personal, and while I assure you that I am, in fact, a fascinating human being, I won’t subject you to reading about that here. Much of my growth, however, has been on a professional/skill level (Imagine that, being in law school teaches you something). I know it seems obvious, but when I stop to identify the growth from where I started to where I am now, it really does feel kind of amazing.

I came to law school really with no discernible legal skills. I knew what WestLaw and Lexis were, but I wasn’t able to do anything effective with them. I didn’t know how to thoroughly research a legal issue and develop arguments for and against a proposition. Hearsay didn’t make any sense, and I had no idea what happens at an arraignment. Now, I have experience with all of those things. My knowledge base has vastly expanded, and what’s more, my experiences have given me real tangible skills that I can take with me and use. It’s the nature of being in professional school, but it is a cool feeling when you realize you are actually getting to the point where you actually have the specialized knowledge to be successful in a field like law.

BU has given me so many opportunities that have allowed me to get to this point. 1L year, as much of a stressful time that was, gave me such a strong foundation. Mock trial and moot court gave me the chance to practice my oral advocacy skills, build my confidence in the courtroom, and practice balancing careful planning with flexibility and adaptability. Being on a law journal has heightened my attention to detail. I can’t even begin to address how much I’ve learned in only one semester of clinic so far.

All this being said, I am very excited for my third year. There’s definitely something bittersweet about coming to the end of school, but certainly I am not coming to the end of my education. I am excited to be working in a field where I will constantly be learning and growing and challenging myself. I am thankful for my experiences at BU, and I look forward to another year of exciting challenges and beyond.

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