This is Boston University School of Law

One of my illustrious professors has some colorful phrases he likes to use to indicate where we’ve gone wrong in our arguments in Constitutional Law. When we talk too much about policy, or sociology, he emphatically reminds us that this is Boston University School of LAW.

So, what is Boston University School of Law?

It’s a community that stands up for what it believes in. From securing immigrant rights to fighting for freedom of speech, the students here are passionate in their beliefs and work to make a difference.

It’s a community that comes together when times are tough. Recently there was an event involving the well-being of one of my section-mates. It was a tough, turbulent, scary day nonetheless filled with compassion. We all recognized the strength of the bond we’ve formed with one another since September and how each one of us played an important role in our classmates’ 1L experience. Outside of our section, the community reached out to us to offer support. It wasn’t asked for, it was wholeheartedly and willingly given.

It’s a community that helps one another. I’ve had upperclassmen I barely know offer to send me outlines. I have a writing fellow who passed on old study aids. I have mentors who have been guiding lights in the entire 1L process. I have colleagues from different student groups lending endorsements to help other students secure research assistantships. We’re all motivated and driven to succeed, but not at the expense of our classmates.

It’s a community that tries really, really hard to make law school easier. Law school is hard. Being a 1L at a top tier law school? Even harder. But what I’ve found here is that BU Law tries very emphatically to make things easier to handle. During the fall semester finals week the school created hundreds of care packages for students to collect. The packages featured treats and snacks with witty sayings that corresponded to the contents, like “you’re a SMARTIE” and “Donut be stressed.” A few days ago, on the last day of classes, there was student appreciation afternoon with free ice cream for everyone. Student appreciation days, I might add, happen randomly throughout the year and are often sponsored by individual offices. And on the first day of the reading period, the 3Ls decorated the doors of the 1L classrooms with wrapping paper, balloons, streamers, and pictures of them as little kids with funny and encouraging messages. This is a community that spends a lot of time and energy communicating that: 1) they get law school is really difficult; 2) they care about you; and 3) they try their best to make it easier.

That is Boston University School of Law.

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