First is the worst, second is the best

1L year feels a lot like lawyer boot camp. Everyone takes the same courses in efforts to build necessary foundational skills.  2L year, however, provides a lot more freedom to choose your path, and not just through courses: you can choose clinics, externships, study abroad, and more. I thought I’d share a glimpse into what my 2L year looks like so prospective students and 1Ls can get a taste for what awaits after that first year boot camp!

In the fall of 2L year I am taking International Law, Complex Litigation, Admiralty Law, Comparative Law, and will be a member of the International Law Journal. In the spring I’ll be taking Corporations, National Security and Technology Law, International Business Transactions, International Law Research, and again be a member of ILJ.

I plan on concentrating in international law, so that has shaped my schedule a little bit. International Law and International Business Transactions are required for the concentration. Comparative Law and National Security & Technology Law are classes that both sound interesting and count toward the concentration. International Law Research also counts towards the concentration, and will really help bolster some of my skills. Admiralty law is a class I’ve just wanted to take, as is Complex Litigation; the complex litigation course is taught by Professor Barylick, who was one of the lead civil attorneys for the Rhode Island Station Nightclub Fire. I went to a presentation by him in the fall of 1L year (blog post HERE) and he got me hooked. And corporations, well… corporations is an “unofficial requirement” that is strongly, strongly recommended. Being on a journal also earns you 1 credit a semester, as you will be busy doing work and writing your note, if you choose.

This schedule is most likely vastly different than any other 2L student, because there is so much flexibility. A lot of 2Ls do a clinic, or an externship. I plan on doing a clinic in 3L year, and might do an externship in the spring of 2L but am still planning things out. There’s also a lot of other factors than can enter into scheduling decisions, including if you’re going to volunteer, be a research assistant, are involved in many clubs, etc. What’s nice, though, is you can always find a way to fit in what you’re passionate about.

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