Requiem for the Summer

As cliche as I feel typing this: it feels like just yesterday I finished my last exam of 2L year, packed my bags, and flew home for summer. Four months ago at the end of April, I was studying hours on hours for all my exams without a single clue as to what I was going to be doing this summer or where I was even going to be working. I know I preach this a lot but I’ve come to find it’s the truest statement: things will always work itself out in the end. Whether it’s regarding the job hunt or figuring out what kind of law you want to practice for the rest of your professional career, things will always work themselves out in the end and my law school experiences, thus far, are the epitome of that.

Take, for example, me as an incoming, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 1L with dreams of doing corporate law or international law and sailing through law school. I learnedĀ very quickly that there is no sailing through law school; it’s more like trying to sail through a hurricane, tsunami, and the perfect storm all while dodging huge icebergs ready to take you down at any moment. Luckily, I had a supportive crew aboard my ship (I’m talking about friends and family…just trying to keep with the metaphor theme here) and I was able to land safely ashore and make it through 1L year. But now, as an incoming 3L, I am excited and set on my goal of becoming a tax attorney–a career path I would have never even considered as a 1L. Yet, things always work themselves out in the end.

Even better was my experience with job hunting for my 1L summer internship. I vividly remember everyone I knew securing a job throughout the spring semester as I patiently waited for that internship offer to pop up in my email. The day before my last final exam, when I was still jobless and fast approaching all hopelessness, I finally got a job offer to intern for the General Counsel of Barneys New York in New York City–I couldn’t have dreamt up a better job for myself. Although I had lost all belief that I would ever get a job for that summer and felt like a complete failure, the Barneys internship ended up being the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Things always work themselvesĀ out in the end.

Now, here I am as an incoming 3L with my last year of school left and it’s much of the same story: I have no post-graduation job offer, I have no idea where I want to apply, and I have no idea where I even want to live post-grad nor where I’ll be taking the bar exam. If you told me two years ago this was the status I’d be starting my last year of law school in, I would have passed out from a panic attack. But present-day Alissa? Well, she knows that things always work themselves out in the end.

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