The 3L Hourglass

I love the fall, always have. Autumn heralds my favorite things: marching band, vibrant foliage, and new school supplies. Nothing says new beginnings like a blank school planner. The possibilities are endless!

For me, this fall is particularly poignant. I’m re-acclimating to Massachusetts after a positively dreamy, thoroughly west coast summer. Last year, this transition was primarily centered around reestablishing my rhythm and focusing on academic excellence. In short, I braced myself for another rigorous year of law school.

This fall is different. Not only am I coming to grips with the fact that this is my last year of law school—the end of a short, but deeply meaningful chapter in my life—but the significance is magnified because this will be my last semester on campus. I will spend spring semester externing in Washington D.C. through BU Law’s Semester In Practice program. (More on this later, as this exciting news is a blog post of its own.)

Suddenly, the sand in the hourglass seems to be accelerating. How many more weekends do I have to explore Boston neighborhoods that I’ve never stepped foot in? Can I squeeze in any road trips around New England? I still haven’t accomplished my goal of visiting Philadelphia!

I already find myself staying later at social engagements than is typical for me. As my departure nears, the recognition sinks in that our impromptu meet-ups will no longer be an option. Our gatherings will be less frequent, formally scheduled, and anchored not by whims but by weddings, baby showers, and other milestones. So yes, I will happily come over to watch a movie or grab a late night coffee. Time is of the essence, and I intend to savor every minute. spoons

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