Mentors as the #1 Resource

One of the most important things that I’ve come to realize as a young adult is the importance of having mentors. Whether they’re friends who are a few years older or professionals who have been in the game for longer than you’ve been in school, mentors are crucially important. They provide you with advice and wisdom that can only come from experience. Mentors have remained an integral part of my experience in law school and have been vital in helping me succeed both as a 1L and as I begin 2L and the remainder of my law school career.

I don’t know how I would have survived 1L without upperclass mentors. I had both a student adviser provided by the school and a mentor through Women’s Law Association, and had unofficial mentors in my writing tutor and upperclassmen who were in the same clubs as I was. They hunted down outlines for every class I had. They gave me old study aids. They helped me navigate course selection, writing competition, and OCI. They connected me to people who had internships the previous summer that I was interested in and to people who had a landlord nightmare like I did. And as a 2L, I haven’t ceased relying on these mentors at all; in fact, I’ve even expanded my mentor base with 3Ls who are on ILJ with me and in classes with me. I think the biggest reason why upperclassmen mentors are important is because they will never, ever, ever fail to reassure you that everything will be fine. They’ve done it, and they’ve survived, and they’ll reassure sure you that you will, too.

I’ve also found so much support and mentorship from BU Law’s alumni network as well. Coming from a small undergrad, I was really excited to gain access to BU Law’s very large alumni network. My alumni mentor went to the same small undergrad that I did, so it was very easy to find common ground. My mentor was and still is very involved in helping me navigate law school. Since he works at a big firm he was my go-to for all OCI related questions that I needed an “inside” perspective on. Moreover, I know he’ll continue to be a great resource for me as I start my summer associate position next summer- regardless of the fact that I’ll be at a different firm. I’ve also found incredible engagement from alumni outside of the formal “mentoring” program. I’ve built a fantastic relationship with an alumni who I met at our 1L Career Day, and touch base with him consistently through email and at events. I also found all BU Law alums to be so eager to answer any of my questions about their firms when I was beginning the OCI process, and had phone calls with at least five of them to learn more about their work and their firms. To put it simply, alumni are an amazing, amazing resource with literally years of experience!

Outside of other students and alumni, I’ve found “unofficial” mentors in the faculty and staff at BU Law. There’s so many amazing people at the law school and you just have to find those that you “click” with! If you don’t click with your assigned mentors, take it upon yourself to find ones you do click with. From upperclassmen in student groups to alumni who attend the same event you attend, everyone is willing to offer even a little advice. People, in my opinion, are the best resource for just about any decision you need to make or problem you need advice on. And I’m so thankful to have found some of the best people during my time at BU Law.

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