1L Summer Internship Experience

So now that I’m officially back in the swing of things in Boston, I wanted to do a post on my summer internship experience in New York. I had internships throughout undergrad and during my gap year, and I can honestly say that this was the first time I was truly sad when my internship came to an end. It was like leaving camp after ten short weeks that I didn’t want to come to a close.

I worked at a media-non profit this past summer, and it was the perfect blend of what I’m hoping to eventually do within my career. Much of my work revolved around licensing agreements and contract review – where I was able to gain hands-on exposure to some of what we covered in Contracts as a 1L. I reviewed contracts from old programming (many from the 1960’s and 70’s) to see if we still had adequate rights in the event that we wanted to stream them online. It was interesting not only to see how differently contracts were formatted and created back then, but to read about the topics that public television covered at that point in time.

I was also responsible for updating agreement and amendment templates for projects that we had with other entities, and since I’m all about the details, this was honestly fun for me. I also gained exposure to copyright law and fair use – and since at that point I had not yet taken classes covering those topics, it was great to get a preview as to what was to come in IP (a course I am taking this semester).

The legal department where I worked was small, and since I thrive in smaller settings in general, it was the perfect fit for me. It was so rewarding to gain first hand experience to an area within law that I seek to build my career within, and I feel grateful to have spent ten weeks dipping my toe into that pool. While I’m very happy to be back in Boston after my summer in New York, I will always look back on this internship experience with fondness and gratitude.

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