This is going to be a post about non-law-school-activities. I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth that I’m posting about non-law-school-things on a LAW SCHOOL blog, but I think it’s actually a really important thing to point out you can, in fact, do other things! I feel a lot more freedom during 2L, or, rather, a lot less guilt, to take time to myself on the weekends and do things completely unrelated to law school. I’ve done things both in Boston and across New England, and it’s been a niece reprieve from law school.

I’ve gone to The Duck in Sturbridge, MA with my boyfriend to meet his grandparents for dinner. Sturbridge is about 45 minutes outside of Boston, without traffic (aka, when you don’t leave at 4:45 on a Friday). It’s a really cute little town that’s got a western Massachusetts, small-town feel. The Duck restaurant is a staple in Sturbridge, and our first time did not disappoint. Set in an old historic house on the top floor with massive floor to ceiling windows, the rustic interior with wood beams and chalkboards was the perfect environment for a chilly fall night. They have a great selection of beers, especially from local breweries, and they also have a good menu with a lot of gluten free options. They also have live music on (at least) Friday nights, playing everything from classic slow rock to recent hits. I can’t wait to go back in the winter when you can see the snow falling outside the windows.

I went to The Head of the Charles Regatta (again) but it’s always worth mentioning as it’s such an easy thing to do in Boston, and even from inside the law tower! I wrote a previous post about the Head of the Charles (here) so I won’t expand too much, but this year’s regatta had much better weather and was all-around another Saturday well spent. And I even had friends both old and new racing this year, so it was fun to see them do their thing! This is a must-do in Boston!

IMG_2591 IMG_2585

I went to watch my boyfriend run the Baystate Half-Marathon too. I don’t run unless it’s on the lacrosse field, but I know running is a very popular thing for just about everyone else! The Baystate 5k, half, and full marathon is, in my opinion, one of the very best marathons. I know I don’t have a lot of credence in this area, but my dad is a marathoner and he’s done quite a few all around New England, including Boston. If you’re interested, Baystate is in mid-October (read: usually great weather), is a very flat course, and has a lot of perks without a lot of the hassle. It’s also a Boston qualifier, so if you’re a law student interested in qualifying for Boston before leaving BU, do Baystate during 1L!


I also went to brunch at La Belle Winery in Amherst, NH. This one is a bit far from Boston, about an hour and a half, but is definitely worth the trip on a nice fall day. It’s where my sister and brother-in-law got married, so we had my sister’s birthday brunch here this year. They have a great selection of wines, a great aesthetic, and the food was awesome. It was also prime leaf-peeping season, which I love even as a native New Englander.

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