Wrapping Up the 2L Fall Semester

It’s hard to believe that in about two weeks, I will be at the halfway mark of completing law school. My life has changed so much since starting at BU (and moving to Boston in general), and even though this semester has been busy, it’s such a welcome change from the energy of 1L. Everyone says that if you make it through the first year, the rest of law school is manageable – and it definitely rings true for me.

I took two large lectures this semester (Intellectual Property and Corporations) and two smaller seminars (Entertainment Law and Contract Drafting), and for me, it was the ideal balance. Looking back on last year, it’s hard to believe that, at least for the spring semester, I had four full finals (along with the writing course’s moot court brief and presentation). This semester, I’m grateful to have two traditional finals, and to have my other two course grades come from assignments from throughout the semester and/or final papers.

Just being able to choose courses this year was incredibly refreshing. Although I wouldn’t trade the 1L experience I had with my courses and professors, having the opportunity to pick and choose this year  based on my interest areas within law has been rewarding in and of itself. Additionally, as I mentioned above, having grades be yielded from factors other than just one exam makes the learning experience all the better.

I feel like, just as in undergrad, each semester I have experienced here so far has demanded different things from me and pushed me to grow and learn in new ways, both academically and personally. The second half of law school – what it will demand of me, how I will grow and learn – is yet to be seen. For now, my plan is to keep working hard, trusting the process, and striving for balance.

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