Favorite Places in Back Bay

A lot of my recent blog posts have been about reflections on 2L thus far, so I thought I would add a little variation to the mix and talk about some of my favorite restaurants and places to explore in my neighborhood: the Back Bay.

  1. Copley Square Farmer’s Market: Unfortunately, this farmer’s market only operates from May 12th through November 21st, so I have to wait for the spring to go back, but this was a staple for me, especially as a 1L. I’m big into health and wellness, and since eating fresh and seasonal foods is important to me, frequenting this market on Fridays (it’s also open on Tuesdays, but Fridays always worked better with my class schedule) was a no-brainer. Side note: Dig Inn is right across the street – it’s one of my favorite places to grab a quick healthy bite. You can also order online for pick up and everything is fresh, seasonal, and reasonably priced.
  2. Joe’s American Bar & Grill: I went here for the first time when my best friend visited on Halloweekend and it was phenomenal. It’s indoor/outdoor and the music was great – ambiance is huge for me with a dining experience, and this restaurant totally got me. American food is honestly my favorite food despite my Italian roots, and the burgers and fries were amazing. It’s a bit on the pricier side, so this is good for a treat or when parents or friends are in town visiting.
  3. Abe & Louie’s: I went here for the first time with my parents when we found my apartment and it’s similar to Joe’s in terms of the type of food. The ambiance is also A+, and the décor reminds me of being on an old ship. There’s lots of mahogany and beautiful woodwork, and everything I’ve ever eaten here has been phenomenal. The same goes for this restaurant with pricing, and it’s definitely a great spot to go when family is in town.
  4. Lolita’s Cocina & Tequila Bar: My first time going here was actually for a bar review this year, and I absolutely loved it. The décor is moody and the drinks are great (I personally recommend the Fresca Mojito). They also have food, but I have yet to eat there. That’s definitely on my to do list for the spring semester – everything I saw people ordering looked incredible.
  5. Anthropologie on Newbury: I worked at the Anthropologie in my hometown one summer during undergrad so it’s safe to say that this store will always hold a special place in my heart. I love the music that they play (and I don’t think I’ve ever been in that store without using Shazam). During wintertime, they have adorable holiday gifts, ornaments, cards, and journals. Even if I don’t buy anything, I find it so cathartic to just wander around, try on a few outfits, and take in the general whimsical energy of it all.

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