Extra Extra…..curriculars

Although my time at BU Law is rapidly coming to a close, I can still vividly remember my time as a 1L. Moving from Florida to Boston where I knew no one, I was nervous about not only doing well in school but also fitting in. The first few months were very hard and I wondered whether I would ever know anyone outside my classes–let alone make friends other than the few I had. It didn’t help that I was constantly stressed about school and, when I wasn’t studying, spent time worrying about whether I should be studying more.

Then one day, in an effort to branch out and do something other than study, I decided to stop ignoring one of the emails I received from the tons of student organizations I signed up for at the Student Org Fair. The email was from the BU Law Softball team and it invited people to come out for a softball practice. To this day, attending that softball practice was one of the best decisions I have ever made in law school. Not only did I get to play a sport I’ve loved playing my entire life, but I made new 2L and 3L friends (as a 1L too, which is pretty remarkable I thought) in the process.

Fast forward two years, and now I am President of the BU Law Softball organization. What I thought was going to be attending one practice ended up being the start of my law school softball career. From the Battle of Boston softball tournament to the University of Virginia softball tournament and all the practices in between,  I’m forever grateful for the experiences this organization has given me and the friendships I’ve formed because of it.

If you’re a current student who believes that you’re only here to get a law degree and nothing else, really reconsider that mentality. BU Law has a ton of student organizations for a reason: to keep students involved in more than just a legal education. I know it seems like just another commitment you’re responsible for that will be time-consuming and distract you from studying, which in reality is true. But becoming a member and participating in an extracurricular organization is much more than that. It could be a stress-relieving outlet, a resume booster, a worthwhile cause to support, or even just a group of people you can fit in with. Whatever your reason, there’s an organization for you amongst the multitude that BU Law offers. So definitely stop ignoring those emails!

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