Life Beyond the Tower

When I look back on my first year of law school, I can firmly say that 90% of my memories involve being inside the four walls of the law tower. Other than the occasional visitor, a majority of my waking moments were spent on one of the 17 floors of the law school building. I was convinced that, as a 1L, my life had to completely revolve around law school. To me, this meant being inside of this building as if I was sentencing myself to a life in prison–no contact with the outside world, all time spent on the inside. PSA: That is not how to do 1L year. Yes, studying and doing well in your first year is super important. But making yourself miserable by gluing yourself to a seat inside the law tower does not translate into you doing well–academically or mentally.

Of course, I learned this the hard way as I learn most things in my life. Receiving my grades for 1L year after working so hard and making so many sacrifices was extremely difficult because I did not live up to the high standards I set for myself. But 1L year is the hardest, and my grades and studying habits definitely improved in 2L year. Yet, the biggest change was the fact that I finally left the law tower and got a life outside these four walls. So here’s a list of some of my favorite things to do around the city that are nowhere near BU Law School.

  • Ice Skating at Frog Pond–Located in Boston Common park, this is a #1 winter activity to do on a sunny chilly day. Costs around $20 for entry and skates and you can skate as long as you want to pretend you’re an Olympic Figure Skater. (
  • Boston’s Dine Out Week–This is a two-week long event that allows people to dine out in some of Boston’s most expensive restaurants but for a fixed price. I participated in Miami Spice Week (same concept) when I lived in Florida and I’m excited to try Dine Out Week! (
  • Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall–I know I know, Boston is home of the most famous Samuel Adams Beer and they have their own Brewery complete with a tour as well. However, I’ve been to both breweries and Harpoon is my favorite by far. The tour is more extensive and features tons of different beers to try at the end. Plus, they have a beer hall for large groups to hang out in and the pretzels there are so delicious. (
  • Fenway Park Tour–I admit that this may not appeal to everyone, but anyone who is even a little bit of a baseball fan will enjoy this tour! It’s an hour long and you get a full walk around all parts of the park (locker room, press box, hall of fame room, etc.). Even if I’m a Yankee fan, it’s still cool to see the oldest baseball park still operating. (

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