Being a Research Assistant: Surprisingly (or not?) one of my Favorite Law School Things

I love doing academic research and being involved in academia. So much, so, that I almost ditched law school for grad school after a wonderful undergrad experience where I took an academic research project all the way to presenting at an international conference. I ultimately chose law school for many reasons, but I knew I wanted to be able to continue my passion for academia and research in some capacity. I’ve been lucky enough to channel this passion into my assignments as a Research Assistant for various professors, and it’s actually been one of my favorite parts of law school!

Last summer I was a RA for a professor in BU’s economics department and a RA for a law professor. I worked on these two separate, independent projects in addition to my internship. This semester, I’m a RA for a different law professor, and her research topics are pretty much identical to what I hoped I would be able to study in law school. I don’t think I can divulge details of any pending research projects here, but all of the projects have been wildly fascinating. The projects really focus on novel, emerging ways that different aspects of the law converge with current, real-world events.

BU Law has incredible professors who all bring unique research and academic interests. I’m constantly impressed by every professor I have the opportunity to meet and learn from. Being a RA allows you to get an inside-look into what these talented professors are thinking about beyond what they teach you in the classroom. You get to assist them in projects that you’ll most likely see published in the near future, you’ll get to learn infinitely more about that topic, you’ll get to hone your research and writing skills, and you can create a mentor relationship. Oh- and you get paid to do it, too!

If you have a passion for research and academia, I highly suggest pursuing RA opportunities in law school. Whether you find a professor who aligns directly with your interests or not, any RA position will be invaluable.

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