From Florida to Boston

No matter how many times I tell people I was born and raised in South Florida and willingly chose to move to Boston they never understand why. Looking back, my decision to move to Boston was more about me just wanting to leave Florida than me specifically wanting to settle in Boston. In fact, I was torn between attending law school in New York and Boston. In the end, I decided that I wanted a completely new life experience in a city I had never been and didn’t know anyone. I remember when I told people this they thought I was crazy–especially considering I made this decision after Boston got over 100 inches of snow that winter.

I can’t lie (to myself or on this blog): my transition was not an easy one by any means. It was extremely difficult for me to adjust to the Boston community because the culture was so vastly different from South Florida’s. I remember all the countless nights I cried in my first year thinking I just wanted to go back home to my friends and family and my dog and never ever leave home again. I can still recall all the times I said I’d never be happy here and how much I never wanted to live here after law school.

Plot Twist: Guess who’s been pretty happy here in my last two years of law school? Plot Twist Again: Guess who got a post-grad job in Boston and will be the city’s newest full-time resident? You guessed it: me!!!! Just as you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and just as sometimes first impressions aren’t always the greatest, sometimes your first experience living in a new place isn’t always the best. But that doesn’t mean you give up having new, scary experiences and go back to the safety and comfort of what you’ve always known. I will not discount the fact that 1L year of law school was the hardest year of my life and moving to Boston was the hardest transition I’ve ever experienced. Yet, like all obstacles, you overcome it, you learned from it, and you eventually find your sweet spot.

For all those prospective law school students who, like me, are trying to decide if they should pick up and move to a new place for their three years of law school with the hope of finding a new city to call home: do it if you really want to. It’s okay to be scared, and it’s definitely okay to think you hate your decision and regret making it. Everything works out in the end and you’ll find what works for you eventually. But you shouldn’t miss out on a great education because you’re terrified of moving to a new place. Life is all about making new experiences and, whether they’re good or bad, you can learn from them all. Make the move. And never be afraid to tell people that even though you’re from Florida, you’re madly in love with snow and the cold!

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