How It Feels to Be DONE

Yesterday, my 3L colleagues had their last day of classes. Facebook was flooded with pictures of their gorgeous, smiling faces posing by the BU Law sign with all of their friends. For me, it finally felt like we were really¬†“done.”

I actually finished classes a few weeks ago. I took my last exam on April 9. I did celebrate being “done” a bit, but in a weird way, it just felt like I was going on a school break. With my LLM program, we didn’t have a proper break from school- even the Christmas holiday came with four papers that were due more or less immediately on return. So for me, I think the relief of finally having a real break trumped the feeling of “oh my gosh, I just finished my last class ever.”

I have to admit, I’m a bit sad I wasn’t at BU yesterday to celebrate with everyone. This has been such a long and arduous journey, and I think I will regret not having that flood of finality. But today, I feel like it is truly over, and that is so STRANGE! Law school really went by in a blink. Walking into orientation, sitting in my very first class (Torts… I was terrified), our 1L Friendsgiving… it all feels like yesterday.

I think what I’m taking away from this is to really appreciate the law school experience. Yes, it is exhausting. Yes, it is stressful. Yes, sometimes you feel like it will never end. But when I think back on the last three years (THREE YEARS!!! That is such an insane amount of time), I don’t think about the stress or the angst or the exhaustion. I think about sharing exhausted giggles with my friends in the library, I think¬†about taking candy breaks 100 times more than necessary during practice exams because Civ Pro just didn’t make sense, I think about drawing insane cartoon charts on the white board at 11pm to try to remember boring cases. I remember all the fun that was had and how rewarding working that hard felt.

Law school is a special time, cherish it!

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