Why I Chose to Study for the Bar in Paris

When you think of bar exam studying, you think of two months of basically a black hole. Now, since I haven’t actually started studying for the bar yet, I can neither confirm or deny the truthfulness of that statement.

When I was signing up for bar courses, I needed to make a decision- namely, where I was going to take the bar exam, and based on that, where I was going to study for the bar. If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you will know that deciding where to take the bar exam was a veryyyy long, back and forth decision making process. So in terms of where I should study for the bar, I was even more up in the air, especially because I needed to decide what to do about my lease in Paris.

I always envisioned myself studying for the bar at BU Law, where I spent two years studying and succeeding. I am so comfortable with the law tower, the law library, and with Boston in general. But I started to realize that the location was not as important as the comfort. I have moved a LOT. I have lived in three different cities and 5 different apartments just in the last three years. And what I wanted for studying for the bar was stability. I thrive on schedules and consistency when I’m working on a specific task, and I came to realize that right now, my stability is in Paris. My things are in Paris, my current daily routine is in Paris, my study spots are in Paris. I’m comfortable here.

Moreover, I don’t yet know where I’m going. With the current job applications I have in, I could be in one of 6 cities, on one of three continents. I’m ok with that, I’m good at moving! But studying for the bar in Boston wouldn’t have been moving back to Boston, it would have been more like visiting for 8 long weeks. I wouldn’t have my Boston apartment, I wouldn’t be in my Boston neighborhood. I would be in limbo, in a sublet, with all of my world possessions with me waiting for my next move.

So I made the decision to stay in Paris. In most situations, I would prioritize being able to attend the lectures in person and being as close to the source as possible. But for this particular decision, being where I was comfortable, confident, and in control seemed to be the most important thing. In the end, I have decided to take the bar exam in New York, so turns out I wouldn’t have been in Boston anyway! I’m happy with my decision, and I feel almost excited to start studying for the biggest exam of my life. It will be a bit strange not being surrounded by other people who are studying for the bar day in and day out, but in a way, I think maybe being removed from that kind of a stressful scene will help me to stay calm, focused, and confident. Confidence is huge for me- if you’ve read my previous blogs, you know that I absolutely, 100% believe it is the key to success, so I’m pleased I have set myself up to be as confident as can be on exam day!

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