The Conclusion of 2L

It’s hard to believe I am now officially two thirds of the way done with Law School! I finished up with finals much earlier than I did last year, and luckily did not have the writing competition on my plate, so I’m pretty ecstatic to have had a few weeks off before starting my summer job this year. I wanted to write a little bit about my journey during 2L and the biggest lessons it instilled in me.

  1. 2L was busier than I could have imagined. Everyone told me that 2L was less stressful than 1L in terms of the work load, but that it was actually busier, and this held very true for me. Between Note Topic deadlines, Source Coordinations and Tech Checks for Journal, applying for summer positions, and the like, my schedule was pretty swamped. Regardless, I welcomed the juggling act with open arms because it was much less intense than 1L.
  2. The Note writing process was surprisingly enjoyable. I wouldn’t call it fun per se, but I will say that, for me, the note writing process was truly gratifying. One of the reasons I chose to pursue law school was because of my natural affinity for both reading and writing, and once the majority of my research was done and my topic was more fully-fleshed out, I got a lot of gratification out of writing and editing my Note. For me, the hardest and most tedious part was picking a topic and refining it so that I would not have any preemption issues, but once that was done, I found it much more enjoyable than reading for classes.
  3. Sleep is your friend. I know I’ve talked about this in several blog posts, but I prioritized sleep during 2L because of how poorly I felt during the lack of sleep that comes with the territory of 1L. During the Fall of 2L, I wasn’t as intentional about this and was still running on empty, to be honest. But once we reached Spring and I came down the flu, I knew something had to change. Prioritizing sleep was essential for me, and I know I’ll be carrying that with me into 3L.
  4. Don’t take things too seriously. After finishing 1L, my perceptions about so many things changed, and one major thing that it taught me going into 2L was to not take myself, other people, or life, too seriously. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the pressures of law school, both academically and socially, but it’s really important to remember who you are, what brought you here, and the value in laughing things off as much as possible.

Overall, I’m glad to be two thirds of the way through law school and am endlessly grateful for all of the lessons that 2L taught me.

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