Bike to School Day, Every Day

On your first visit to campus, you are bound to notice the bicycles. Get yourself one.

I love commuting by bicycle. I love that my very own body takes me where I need to gojust me and two wheels. On tougher days (say, late November…), I might find myself in the law school building from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m, and all I need to reinvigorate my tired brain is a blast of fresh air on my bike.

There are plenty of shops around town to help you find a bike, helmet, and other equipment. My two cents on a successful relationship with a bicycle:

  • The sturdier the better. My dear, steel Schwinn World Sport may trace its lineage to the early ‘90s. It may be heavy going up and down the stairs of my apartment building. But riding through a sea of potholes, I feel safe and secure. Many areas have smooth bike lanes, but be prepared for tough roads. That said, some folks love their new, lightweight models. Ask your friendly neighborhood bike shop for their recommendation.
  • Puncture-resistant tires are worth the money. Before making the switch, I commuted on some rugged roads in DC and fell victim to many flat tires. The strong treads of puncture-resistant tires make me feel secure, even in rain, and I haven’t punctured a tube in a few months of riding.
  • Don’t be cheap or lazy with locking your bike. It may feel unpleasant to pay $50 or more for a bike lock, but how much would it cost to replace your bike? Invest in a cable to link your tires to your u-lock, and u-lock your bike to the rack. An ambitious thief may work around a u-lock and cable, but you are much safer with stronger locks. BU Parking and Transportation can help you register your bike and find a secure place to park.
  • Biking→friends. You will meet fellow cyclists carrying their helmets through the halls of the law building. You will explore the city with them. You will discover distant study spaces with them. You will have fun. You will be an all-around law school champion.

Ask me how much I love riding my bike once we get to February, but for now, we are on good terms.

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