Info Junkie: My Favorite E-mail Subscription Lists

I’ve determined that I’m kind of an “info junkie.” I love staying on-top of all types of information, whether that be current Supreme Court  cases or latest happenings around Boston. I’ve found that I like to cater my social media and my email to these types of things. Though my inbox is always clogged, as are my instagram and facebook feeds, I find that if I push myself to at least glance through each email every day, I feel like I have a better grasp on what’s going on in the world on a daily basis. I’d like to round-up and highlight some of my favorite subscription email lists!


SCOTUSblog is fantastic. I discovered it last summer at the recommendation of one of my coworkers. It has all the up-to-date news on Supreme Court happenings. Daily emails keep you informed about things like: which petitions for cert have been granted; oral argument previews; analyses of that day’s oral arguments; and re-listed cases and their odds for cert. Also featured are fun things like “empirical SCOTUS,” where an author crunches numbers relating to justices or Supreme Court things, and interviews with authors of SCOTUS-related books. This email subscription actually helped me get on the good side of a partner at my law firm last summer, too! I met this partner in the kitchen area grabbing coffee, and I knew he was interested in a specific area of law. I happened to read SCOTUSblog not ten minutes earlier describing a case related to that area of law that had been granted cert. I asked if he had heard of the case and then explained the premise; he later emailed me to send him information about the case. Thank you, SCOTUSblog!


This is a Boston-based email list that sends a daily email detailing events and news stories related to Massachusetts politics. I first stumbled upon MASSterlist when I was interning at the Massachusetts State House in college. Beyond the obvious benefit of staying aware of both local and, since the two often implicate each other, national politics, this email list has other things going for it. Most importantly, the writers are funny. They have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and I love catching the little jokes thrown in there. Also, Massachusetts politics is uniquely wild and has a mind of its own, and stuff that goes on in this state is just frankly entertaining. Another pro tip: this email list saved me numerous times in coming up with my “news story of the day” for corporations class. I’d read it in the morning before class and usually find at least one corporations-like story to offer if I was called upon.

Just Security and Lawfare

I group these two together based upon their high-caliber of contributors and their subject matter. Just Security and Lawfare are blogs that publish sophisticated, cutting-edge articles centered around international and national security law. They often attract top-talent from upper echelons of national security, government, and academia (Professor Ingber has been published by both!). I frequent their websites when researching for papers about the aforementioned topics. Just Security’s email features stories of the day, and the email list provides you with that handful of top stories directly in the email so you can read them instantly. Lawfare’s email list gives you 1-3 lines of the top developments and then top stories published, allowing a quick overview to grasp daily happenings and the ability to read deeper into the stories you’re interested in.

the Skimm

This website has helped bring informed, important, necessary daily top-stories into the inboxes of thousands of people. The Skimm sends out a daily email featuring stories of the day in easy-to-understand language. They discuss everything from pop-culture to politics and really help people around the country stay informed about daily happenings. The Skimm also spearheaded a great initiative to register voters this past year and ran weekly briefings with a bipartisan approach about various candidates and important issues. This is a great “one stop fits all” email list!

American Bar Association and Boston Bar Association

As a member of BU Law I received complementary student memberships to the ABA and BBA. The weekly emails from the ABA highlight legal stories and happenings, while the BBA often advertises the many interesting events and continuing legal education courses catered toward practice areas.

Two Podcasts I love…

I’m really not a podcast person at all. I can never remember to listen to them, and I don’t often listen to music or podcasts on my commute. But there are two podcasts I really, really love and want to share. First, More Perfect by Radiolab. This podcast is a law student’s dream: each episode takes a deep-dive into a specific SCOTUS case, buttressing legal analyses with interviews of parties and attorneys and both the prior history and subsequent progeny of the case. This podcast is expertly researched, brilliantly told, and all-around fantastic by both my and my engineer-and-definitely-not-law-student-boyfriend’s standards! Second, Last Seen by the Boston Globe and WBUR. It’s a podcast about the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum heist, and has the right amount of secrecy, mystery, and suspense, and of course Boston elements abound. While the heist goes unsolved, the podcast sheds a tremendous amount of light onto the circumstances of the heist and the investigations that have spanned decades searching for the paintings.

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