Post-Finals Tradition

My roommate and I have started a tradition. Every semester, after we’re both done with finals, we treat ourselves to a movie- and, in particular, a movie about RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg). We started it last spring, when the movie aptly titled “RBG” was playing in Coolidge Corner Theatre. We even got RBG-based shirts for the screening. This year, we learned on a whim that the movie theater by Boston Common was having an advance screening of the new movie “On the Basis of Sex,” so we jumped at the chance to buy tickets and see the show a week early (it comes out on Christmas). We donned our RBG-themed shirts and headed to the theater last night to continue our tradition.

There’s something else important to this blog post that needs to be mentioned: law school is grueling. It’s a marathon, and it’s exhausting, and it teaches you to question everything– including your motivation, why you came to law school, and what you want in your career. By the time finals is over, you’re going to be burned out. You’re mentally spent. You’ve poured all your energy into the past two weeks and there’s going to be nothing left.

And that’s why my tradition with my roommate is so important. Seeing these RBG movies at the end of the semester isn’t just a mental break. It’s mental medicine. I’ve walked out of both RBG movies feeling invigorated, inspired, and overall motivated to be the best attorney I can be. It’s hard not to feel inspired when you think about RBG: her motivation in law school; her ability to be a mom, a wife, a caretaker, and the top student at Harvard Law School and Columbia Law School all at the same time; her drive as a professor; her relentless advocacy to tear down laws which discriminate on the basis of sex. It’s impossible to encapsulate what Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done for girls and women in this country, and as a law student and future female attorney, it’s clear that my present and my future may have been impossible if not for her.

So, when it’s the end of the semester and things are heavy and tired and it seems like all your motivation has been depleted, I urge you to fill up your soul with something inspiring. I urge you to do everything you can to remind yourself why you’re here, what you came to law school to do, and why it will all be worth it. This can be through movies, or books, or attending a speaker series. It will fill you up and get you prepared to come back next semester to hit the ground running.

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