Your Brain on Winter Break

A typical Florida holiday

A typical Florida holiday

Sleep for ten hours the night after finals. Receive nutrients from vegetables for the first time in days. Wonder how you are can possibly spend a full week without studying. Panic that you must be forgetting to do something.

Forget about upcoming grades. Remember that you will get your grades in a few weeks. Convince yourself that you did well on exams. Convince yourself that you did terribly on exams but that you are still reasonably smart, likable, and employable.

Regret spending so many hours completing 1L summer job applications instead of studying. Celebrate your first interview offer. Deal with the self-doubt. Pump yourself up.

Enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the noise of family or friends. 

Consider fondly that you finished your first semester of law school and that you even had fun along the way.

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