Makin’ Coffee in the Mornin’

One of the things my classmates make fun of me for every day is the ball jar I bring in with cold brew. I have three ways to make this cold brew and I am pretty sure they are just jealous because I never pay for the, pardon my French, garbage coffee they serve in the cafe. Making your own coffee is a great way to save money and experiment at home!

My favorite coffee is drip cold brew. I bought a $20 at home piece where you put 3 cups of water in the filer on top, and about a quarter cup of coarse ground coffee in the center. This takes about 3 hours, but the coffee is fantastic and lasts in the fridge for about a week. If you feel like being super bougie try this drip tower out. Very expensive, but only the best cold brew brewers use it. I also have the 5-minute cold brew maker – it’s a little complicated and eventually needs a deep clean, but it was my preferred method for awhile. Now I’m too lazy to clean it though. Currently, however, I am using a cold brew water bottle. This is pretty much like those water bottles that have a filter that you can put fruit inside so your water tastes like fruit. You put coffee in the filter and leave it in the water bottle for 12 hours and then you have a whole bottle of cold brew!

Another favorite is espresso – I have a cheap little automatic machine, but it does the job. Having an espresso in the morning makes you feel fancy and ready to take on any cold calls that come your way. I wish I had had one this past week because my cold call during Con law was not one for the books. You can even make mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes! The little wand on the side works well enough to steam your milk.

Further, if you really want to dive into the world of coffee, so many different cultures have their own methods of coffee making. My recommendations are turkish coffee, cafe cubano, and anything from a moka pot! Look up some recipes online and your mornings will definitely be off to a great start.

For recommendations on coffee shops in Boston, follow my girlfriend and I’s Instagram page. Don’t judge me. @bostoncafecult

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