Closing Time: The Last Law Prom

This past weekend I attended my last Law Prom, or Barristers’ Ball. Barristers’ Ball is an event most law schools across the country partake in and it is traditionally a semi-formal or formal dance where the entirety of the law school attends and dances the night away! BU Law has their Barristers’ Ball (affectionately known as Law Prom because, well, that’s essentially it in a nutshell!) every spring. It’s always a highlight of the very long spring semester, and indicates the end of winter, beginning of spring, and the last hurrah before finals stress starts to take over!

At BU, the event is formal and usually takes place in a venue downtown. Both last year and this year it was held at the Fairmont Copley, and let me tell you: what a stunning hotel and venue. The grand and opulent interior made it feel like a fairytale, and it was absolutely amazing. The photo op locations were on point, too. I hope BU continues this trend of hosting law prom at the Fairmont Copley!

Barristers’ Ball itself was phenomenal. I attended a pre-game with a group of friends and all of us had opted for more formal, floor-length dresses which made our last Barristers’ Ball feel just a bit more special. Most of the school was dressed impeccably well in their “own brand of extra,” with outfits ranging from floor-length dresses and tuxedos to fun jumpsuits and cocktail dresses. The dance floor was large and there was plenty of room to roam around and say hi to everyone you were looking for! And there were even balconies overlooking the dance floor which offered a little retreat when you needed to rest from all the dancing!

It certainly felt bittersweet, at the end, to know it was my last Law Prom. I’m confident, though, that the sweet will outweigh the bitterness substantially, as I’m so happy to have had my last Barristers’ Ball to be such a fun, successful, lovely event.





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