Restaurant Spotlight: Scorpion Boston

Just yesterday one of my friends from undergrad came to visit me, and I knew exactly where to take him for a¬†Friday dinner. We wanted Mexican and in my opinion the best Mexican food in Boston is either at Scorpion, Lolitas or Rosa Mexicano. We decided to go to Scorpion and he was super impressed with it. We had made a reservation a few days in advance with OpenTable so we didn’t have to wait for a table and were seated right away. The wait staff was more than kind and willing to help and the food was actually amazing.

He loved it, and was so excited to see one of the liveliest restaurants in Boston. He is vegetarian and found that there were lots of vegetarian options. Our favorite part of the meal was definitely the Loco Nachos -which were fantastic.

Highly recommend if you are looking for a good dinner spot, that is extremely lively with music surrounding you and your friends.

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