Restaurant Spotlight: byCHLOE

by CHLOE has 3 locations here in Boston. One in Seaport, Backway and Fenway -the Fenway one being closest to school. They also deliver ! They are an all planted based restaurant. Their air baked fries are too die and are half the calories as traditional fries. Also the Quinoa Taco Salad is by far the best thing on the menu and is very large, meaning it can be saved for later if you don’t finish. They also have a blog that you can follow, which discusses new renovations within the restaurant as well as easy tips and trick on how to live a Vegan lifestyle! I have attached the link here¬† If you haven’t already tried them I highly recommend you do! Its the perfect kind of food for Summer weather.

chloe_tout4 byCHLOE-fenway-1002

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