Rising 2L (that was fast)

I finished 1L! Ok, but now start thinking about OCI, rising 2L networking events, Business Fundamentals summer class online, your summer internship, and don’t forget… grades will be released soon.

I. Breathe: Take a moment to breathe. Go home if you have time, get a haircut, massage, manicure, or all of the above. Just give yourself a moment to reflect on how crazy 1L has been, how rewarding, how exhausting. Take a moment to recognize how much you really have learned this past year- whether that be academic, personal, or emotional. 1L is no walk in the park, but we did it.

II. OCI: Now, OCI prep begins. If you choose to participate in on-campus interviewing, BU provides online modules to familiarize you with the process and timeline. Information such as preparing for interviews, networking, and participating firms is provided. Personally, I’ve been getting coffees with attorneys and will be attending the Boston rising 2L networking events. Firms in the area host post-work events in the evening for rising 2Ls to network with associates. It’s a great way to gain exposure to firm cultures and to network!

III. Summer Class: Next, if you plan on taking Corporations during 2L Fall, you need to take Business Fundamentals which is an online class that gives you, well, basic business fundamentals. Having worked in a Fortune 100 company, I actually find this course to be really important in today’s work environment. Although no one wants to have to take a class over the summer, this is introductory and it is great that BU Law provides it.

IV. Summer Internships: Time to put what we learned this year to work! I am so excited for all the incredible summer internships my friends and classmates have landed- judicial internships (circuit court of appeals, district), non-profits, public sector (Attorney General offices, State counsel), in-house internships, etc. I am excited to have an in-house legal position at a company located in Cambridge. One premature piece of advice to incoming 1Ls, many people who are looking for in-house positions get them in April/May. The Judicial internship process is in the winter, public-sector and non-profits follow, and in-house tend to be last. Trust me, I was getting nervous as finals approached and I still didn’t have anything, but I promise everything works out. I have friends who didn’t secure a position until after finals. Silver lining- they are paid! So maybe the stress was worth it.

V. Grades: Well, time to take another deep breath. As the wonderful Dean Muir shared with our class, “You have done your part. The energy put into worry will not change what has been done, but that energy could effect change if put towards other things in life.” Now that’s some good advice.

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