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As I throw on my Northface puffy coat and come to face the hard truth that the cold is finally upon us, I come to the other scary realization: it’s officially studying season. Yes, even a 3L has to partake in studying season and prepare to take the final exam that will represent what I […]

Tourist Season

This past weekend I had the glorious job of hosting 6 of my friends in my apartment for a whole weekend of Boston Halloween fun. Being a law school student, it should come as no surprise that I had a whole three day weekend itinerary planned with every hour of the day filled with activities […]

Sports Week

When I moved to Boston two years ago, one of the things I was most excited for was finally living in a town that loved sports and their sports teams…..even though I’m not a fan of pretty much all of them except the Patriots (#GoPats). Although sports are big in South Florida, you just don’t […]

3L Boston Bucket List

Keeping with the theme of every post I’ve written this year: I can’t believe I’ll be graduating in as little as 8 months. I’ll be going about my usual, everyday business of reading for class and catching up on assignments and then BOOM! I get an email about picking a Barprep course and I’m reminded […]

Last One, Best One

With school emails rolling in by the boatload and scary 1L Orientation beginning, I finally feel like I am in my last year of law school. While it’s ellard to fathom that I’ve actually lived through (and at some moments┬áthrived) two whole years at BU Law, I realize I’ve made it as I prepare for […]