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Last One, Best One

With school emails rolling in by the boatload and scary 1L Orientation beginning, I finally feel like I am in my last year of law school. While it’s ellard to fathom that I’ve actually lived through (and at some moments thrived) two whole years at BU Law, I realize I’ve made it as I prepare for […]

Requiem for the Summer

As cliche as I feel typing this: it feels like just yesterday I finished my last exam of 2L year, packed my bags, and flew home for summer. Four months ago at the end of April, I was studying hours on hours for all my exams without a single clue as to what I was […]

The Penultimate Summer

With every reminder I get about school, from picking classes to the weekly newsletter about campus happenings, I realize I am about to begin my last year of law school. It is still baffling to me that two years have flown by when I still vividly remember the terrifying first day of 1L. Even the […]

Take it to da In-House

I recently caught up with one of my friends from law school and they told me one of the things I love hearing most: “You were right.” In this particular instance, the friend was referring to my recommendation that he get an in-house counsel summer internship. In-house counsel refers to the group of lawyers that […]

School’s Out For Summer…Kinda

There is probably no better feeling than the one of pure euphoria that is walking out of your last exam into the sweet, waiting arms of summer. Kissing dry case readings, Socratic-method lecturing, and outlining goodbye—even if only for three months—is the only thing I can focus on one May hits. My conscious neglect of […]