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What’s On the Menu

When I applied to BU Law, I was mesmerized by all the study abroad options the school offered to willing and able J.D. students. Even more enticing than the idea of living somewhere new for one or two semesters was the fact that I could earn a second degree at the same time. I set […]

Newbie to Networking

In my first semester of law school, I received email after email inviting me to attend “networking events.” Having come straight through from undergrad, I had no idea what the word networking was or even how to do it. But, as a newly poor law student, the enticing description of food and drinks along with […]


As I throw on my Northface puffy coat and come to face the hard truth that the cold is finally upon us, I come to the other scary realization: it’s officially studying season. Yes, even a 3L has to partake in studying season and prepare to take the final exam that will represent what I […]

Tourist Season

This past weekend I had the glorious job of hosting 6 of my friends in my apartment for a whole weekend of Boston Halloween fun. Being a law school student, it should come as no surprise that I had a whole three day weekend itinerary planned with every hour of the day filled with activities […]

Sports Week

When I moved to Boston two years ago, one of the things I was most excited for was finally living in a town that loved sports and their sports teams…..even though I’m not a fan of pretty much all of them except the Patriots (#GoPats). Although sports are big in South Florida, you just don’t […]