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“Is 1L Year Really As Bad As They Say It Is?”

As I may have mentioned before, the administrators of this blog program occasionally give us prompts. This semester I was surprised to find the following prompt in my inbox: “Is 1l year really as bad as they say it is?”. With only a month left of my 1L year to go, I think I’ll give […]

The Week After Follies

Follies is over, so it’s time to reflect. First, there’s all of Follies week to think about, and then this week – both great weeks in their own way. (1) Follies Week Follies week is, in a word, insane. Starting last Monday we had rehearsal starting at 5:00pm and going until 10:00, 11:00, or even […]

To Do, or Not to Do? Extra-Curricular Activities and 1L Year.

We have only eight days before opening night of the Legal Follies performance, and we are busy, busy, busy! By now I’ve told you about my grueling schedule (I’m at the law tower from 9am to at least 9pm almost every day) during the Follies’ big crunch time, and I’ve told you how it affects […]

Date Night (and Day) in Boston

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I am c-r-a-z-y busy this semester with five classes and Legal Follies. Although it was overwhelming at first, I’ve settled into a rhythm and the ultra-full schedule has just made me ultra-efficient in my work. However, it has changed how Rob and I are able to […]

A Day in the (Follies) Life

Well, we’re back for the second semester and I’ve got to say – it has hit me like a tidal wave. But besides the sluggish feeling of trying to get back into the swing of things, I think we’re off to a pretty good start. The blog administrators have suggested that we bloggers give you […]

Reflections on Our First Exams Season

Yesterday was our first ever law school exam. I actually had a pretty great day. I came out of the exam feeling ok, then had lunch at the BU pub with some classmates before going home. Around 7pm, Rob came to visit me all the way down from New Hampshire. (He is seriously the best.) […]

Negotiating in Good Faith: the Long Term Relationship & Law School

If you’re in a long-term relationship and getting ready to enter law school you may have noticed by now that every ‘what to expect during the first year of law school’ advice books warn you that you’re almost certainly going to break up.  I am in a long-distance, long-term relationship myself, so I thought I […]

Success: A Balancing Act

It’s noon on the day after Thanksgiving and I’m taking a few hours to work at a local coffee shop while my family is out Black Friday shopping. It’s only a few weeks until exam time, and yet it’s also the beginning of the holiday season. What better time to write about balancing law school […]

The Road to the Law Tower

In this first blog, I’d like to give you an idea of who I am, how my perspective might be unique, and  how I ended up at BU law school. 1. Who am I? Oh great, an existential question. Well, my resume reads something like this: I graduated from Smith College in 2010, then worked […]