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Restaurant Spotlight: Scorpion Boston

Just yesterday one of my friends from undergrad came to visit me, and I knew exactly where to take him for a Friday dinner. We wanted Mexican and in my opinion the best Mexican food in Boston is either at Scorpion, Lolitas or Rosa Mexicano. We decided to go to Scorpion and he was super impressed […]

Boston Real Estate: Finding the Perfect Place

One of the most stressful parts about moving to a new city to start law school, is trying to find an apartment that fits your needs and wants. Boston is comprised of various neighborhoods that actually are very different from each other. At BU Law the majority of students live in Allston, Brookline, Fenway or […]

Collagen Catch-Up

As we age, our body begins to produce less and less collagen (added stress from law school & life doesn’t help facilitate collagen production in the slightest). This is why it is so important to add collagen into your daily routine. Whether you decide to take it by pill or by adding it as a […]

3 New Foods You Need to Try in 2019

While everyone’s New Year’s resolution typically has to do with walking inside a gym, here are 3 food products that taste as good as they are for your body -so you can indulge without the guilt (no gym membership required) !!! Birch Bender’s Pancake Mix This pancake mix is absolutely fantastic, so easy and quick […]

Hot Water + Lemon

One of the best things I’ve started doing in 2019 is by starting my mornings off with hot water with lemon. There are so many health benefits to it and I swear I’ve seen an immediate difference in my energy. Additionally, it starts the day off in a health conscious light- motivating me to make healthier decisions […]