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The Legal Hero(ine)’s Journey: Part Three

Second Stage: The Supreme Ordeal (1L Year) The Ascent: Semester Two It is perhaps not inaccurate to describe the first semester of law school like the entry of daring questers into dangerous foreign territory. Eyes are on them. Times are tough. Though great trials lay behind, new challenges arise (think “Luke destroys the Death Star” […]

Gaining Confidence throughout 1L

The year has come to a close at last. I am certain that my first year of law school will serve me well in ways I cannot even foresee right now. Other benefits, however, are already apparent. For instance, the other day my fiancée was re-enrolling in her workplace’s employment benefits program. She was trying […]

The Hero(ine)’s Legal Journey: Part Two

Find Part One here! Second Stage: The Supreme Ordeal (1L Year) The second stage itself has two parts: (1) a descent and (2) an ascent. The Descent: Semester One The descent involves wonderful and terrible experiences, just like the first semester of law school. Here the hero(ine) usually “approaches the inmost cave,” i.e. enters a […]

The Legal Hero(ine)’s Journey: Part One

One of my favorite topics to teach when I taught English literature was The Hero(ine)’s Journey, an archetypal progression that countless myths and epics stories have incorporated to some degree. Whether you pick up Gilgamesh, Harry Potter, Twilight, or the Bible, you will inevitably encounter the same handful of tropes in some form or other. […]

Looking Back on BU’s Lawyering Course

This week I completed the final component of BU Law’s 1L Lawyering Skills course: The Esdaile Moot Court. It feels great to be done and now all that’s left is a final, celebratory class meeting next week. I feel like Lawyering has crammed a lot into the academic year, but it also feels like the […]