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Advice for Class Registration

I am in the process of┬áregistering for my 3L classes. It’s hard to believe that this is my last year of registration in law school (and most likely, ever!) and my perspective┬áhas changed since registration last summer for my 2L classes, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks for making the most of […]

The Conclusion of 2L

It’s hard to believe I am now officially two thirds of the way done with Law School! I finished up with finals much earlier than I did last year, and luckily did not have the writing competition on my plate, so I’m pretty ecstatic to have had a few weeks off before starting my summer […]

Finals Prep: 2L Edition

It’s hard to believe that the last week of classes is just around the corner, and with that, finals week. I have three traditional exams this year. I said I wouldn’t do this after 1L, but I truly wanted to take each of the classes that required a formal exam, so here we are. Here […]

Tips on the Note Writing Process

If you’re on a journal while in law school, chances are very high that you will be required to write a Note. It’s essentially a lengthy research paper that either discusses a novel legal issue, or gives a novel perspective on a legal issue that has already been written about. The third and final draft […]

Favorite Boston-Based Instagram Accounts

I got really into photography in high school and took courses all four years – it was old school and in a darkroom and I absolutely loved it. About mid-way through high school, digital photography became an area of interest as well. Now with my iPhone, I rarely pick up my actual camera for photos […]