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Rising 2L (that was fast)

I finished 1L! Ok, but now start thinking about OCI, rising 2L networking events, Business Fundamentals summer class online,¬†your summer internship, and don’t forget… grades will be released soon. I. Breathe: Take a moment to breathe. Go home if you have time, get a haircut, massage, manicure, or all of the above. Just give yourself […]

Networking Apparel

Hi Ladies! One piece of advice I have for incoming 1Ls is to get your business casual AND business professional attire together. What does the mean? For business casual, you definitely want pieces that are dressy but show your style. I’m talking colorful dresses, fun skirts, patterned blouses. Think J.Crew, Banana Republic, and LOFT. (All […]

Top 5 Quick Lunch Spots

During finals, you have to remind yourself to eat! So, here are a few of my favorite places around campus for a quick bite Cafe 472 is one of my favorite places for a panini and a smoothie! It’s straight down Comm Ave, so if you need to talk a walk as either a breather […]

April & May Events

Hi! Here’s my favorite type of post for all of you! A roundup of all the amazing things happening around Boston in the next month!! IT’S RED SOX SEASON: Check out the schedule to catch a game! April 5 – June 2: Happy Place Boston– get all the best Insta pics here! April 15: MARATHON […]

Lawyering Moot Court

Hi Everyone! I want to give you a quick overview of another component to “Lawyering”: Oral Arguments. As part of Lawyering we write an appellate brief and then argue in front of a “Chief Justice”, an alumnus of BU Law. The oral argument was a good way to see how the written argument is a […]